Our client seeks an integral solution for the surface treatment process. Although we manufacture equipment, machinery & installations we do not limit ourselves to the product, as the majority of our competitors, especially when they only work in “silo-sectors” or with standard and rigid conception of products. In Lagos we conceive and put into real processes every day service turnkey solutions tailored to the reality of the plant and process requirements. Our success histories are the best testimonial.

More than 30 years of experience and more than 13 000 delivered installations do qualify us for the task of analyzing and defining, both during the process and on-construction-site, the needs of the operational industry. Thus enabling our engineers, in collaboration with the experts of our customers, to create the most profitable, operational and flexible solution.

After customer approval, process engineering is developed and it is manufactured at our 15.000 m2 site in a flexible and traceable process subject to “lean” criteria. During this process international quality standards are followed and factory acceptance tests (FAT) are executed. The latter including performance tests, pre-assembly and validation that are delivered together with all the technical documentation.

Lagos relies on a staff, well experienced in the assembly, start-up and the hand-over of the installations. Thus allowing us to upkeep quality standards along the complete process-chain. After start-up, the after-sales service accompanies the customer during the installations complete life-cycle to keep it in optimal service conditions.