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Dear customer, thank you for purchasing a Lagos Spray Booth. We know you have several choices in the market, but by choosing us we will make sure to make your investment worth and in perfect shape since day 1. Lagos Spray Booths focus on energy efficiency and construction robustness

Our products are completely made in Europe using top quality materials from reknowned international brands and we emphatize on quality control during the manufacturing process in order to achieve a flawless final result. In this page you will find the spare parts related to your booth.

Please check out your manual to know when they must be replaced. We hope that you enjoy our product. If you have any doubt or concern, please contact us at +34 981 78 49 09 or send us an email at [email protected].

Thank you and good refinishing!


    Spare parts for order 10.125

    Your Name: Giovanni Mandato

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    Filtro plénum 2x3.25

    Filtro plénum 2x3.30
    *Total price will be offered through email or phone.

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    During the next 24 hours, our sales team will contact you to make a specific offer for your request. Thank you for using Lagos approved spare parts.