Moscow Metro announces a 3.2 billion dollar tender

Lately, we habe been hearing several news about the russian municipal transport facilities, proving that the sector is very active and expanding relentlessly. Last week the Moscow […]

How STADLER trains are manufactured in Byelorussia

This is a brief reportage about the new STADLER Minsk installations, a beautiful example of functionality, modernity and aesthetics aimed to form one of the most […]

CAF at APTA Houston 2014

Internationalization is a big step towards success, therefore it’s important to be where the opportunities are born. After the strong presence of Lagos in Automechanika Frankfurt and […]

Lean Concept: What is and how do we manage it

Nowadays is quite common to hear words like “Lean manufacturing” or “Lean Methodology“, but still few people know the correct meaning this. The truth is that, even […]

Eurosurfas 2014 news and updates

Today is the last day of Eurosurfas 2014, the biggest surface treatment event in Spain. We had four intense days of learning and we could discover […]