A smart & efficient way to repair

Performing quick repair jobs on large vehicles have never been easier thanks to the new skyTROTTER mobile booth.

Autonomous vehicle

Fully autonomos & battery powered, operated from inside the booth.

XYZ Movement

The skyTROTTER can reach every spot of the vehicle thanks to its 3-axis booth movement and approach.

Quick Repair

Improves the painting process of your repairs, reducing time and costs.

Odorless & Sustainable

The filters located inside the booth clean the enviroment of the VOCs generated in the painting process.


Total revamp of the original skyTROTTER, with all the improvement suggested day by day by its users.

Main features:

  • It reaches 3,8meters in height when fully elevated and can move up to 40 meters away from the power socket thanks to its retractable power cord.
  • Battery powered displacement with rubber wheels and fully functional direction
  • Built in 4 Stages filtration system with Activated Carbon
  • Fully operated from inside the booth with a user friendly control panel

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6 easy steps to use the skyTROTTER:


Enter the booth through the accesible lateral door


Move the skyTROTTER to the desired location. The skyTROTTER is equipped with a 48v battery to operate the displacement mechanism without plugging the equipment to the power socket.


Once the workplace is reached, plug the skyTROTTER to the power socket. Use the control panel to lift the booth to the desired position.


Use the control panel to horizontally approach the booth to the working area in order to creat a semi-closed environment.


Turn on the ventilation and start working on the damaged area. The 4 Stages filtration system will clean the VOCs in the environment.


Once the work is done, move the booth to the next area and start over the process


Height3.220 mm
Wide1.430 mm
Lenght3.850 mm
Weight1.800 Kg


Airflow6.000 m3 /h
Max air speed1,26 m/s
Avg. Air speed on working area0,3-0,6 m/s
VOCs retention80÷97 %
Displacement speed2,5 Km/h
Lighting power950 lux
Battery for autonomous movement48v with smart charger
Power cable40m. Retractable triphasic cable
Electric traction220 Nm (par)
Noise Levels74 dB(A)


1st StageANDREA Cardboard
2nd StagePaint-Stop
3rd StageSynthetic
4th StageActivated Carbon


Height2.400 mm
Wide1.210 mm
Lenght2.400 mm
Max. Elevation2.400 mm
Elevation systemDouble-Cylinder Electro Hydraulic scissor Lift
Elevation time30s
Max. elevation load200 kg.