Bringing the true "Quick Repair" to the aeronautical and maritime sector

Mobile & flexible spraybooth specifically designed for any maintenance service who needs to perform fast and cost effective refinish jobs

Autonomous vehicle

Fully operated from inside the booth

XYZ Movement

The aeroTROTTER can reach every spot of the aircraft/vessel thanks to its flexible pneumatic arm.

Quick Repair

Improves the painting process of your repairs, reducing time and costs.

Odorless & Sustainable

The filters located inside the booth clean the enviroment of the VOCs generated in the painting process.

Niche engineering

The aeroTROTTER has been specifically designed starting from real necessities of the aeronatical/nautical sector

Main features:

  • It reaches 15, 92 meters in height when fully elevated
  • Dispacement with fully elevated platform
  • Built in filtration system  with 97% VOC retention capacity
  • Fully operated from inside the booth with a user friendly control panel

    Name (mandatory)

    Mail (mandatory)

    Tlephone (with international prefix)


    6 easy steps to use the aeroTROTTER:


    Enter the booth through the accesible lateral door


    Move the aeroTROTTER to the desired location. The aeroTROTTER is equipped with a hybrid motor.


    Once the workplace is reached, use the control panel to lift the booth to the desired position.


    Use the control panel to horizontally approach the booth to the working area in order to creat a semi-closed environment.


    Turn on the ventilation and start working on the damaged area. The 4 Stages filtration system will clean the VOCs in the environment.


    Once the work is done, move the booth to the next area and start over the process

    aeroTROTTER Mobile spray booth


    Can I retouch the plane tail with the aeroTROTTER?

    The aeroTROTTER max working height is around 16m. There are several airplane models with higher vertical stabilizers reaching up to 24m.

    Check this table for comparison:

    With that in mind, there are special aeroTROTTER models manufactured on demand for higher elevation necessities. Contact our commercial department for more information.

    What licenses do I need in order to operate the equipment?

    Each country have different regolations on this matter. Contact your local administration to make sure you have the right permits.

    Do I need to make special adaptations to the working site of the aeroTROTTER?

    No. You just need to have a triphasic outlet socket to plug the equipment.

    What's the max load of the aeroTROTTER

    The aeroTROTTER is not intended to transport heavy equipment. The max load of the aeroTROTTER is around 100kg.

    I would like to use the aeroTROTTER to transport other materials. Is that be possible?

    There are other swappable cabins in development that will increase the load capacity of the equipment by removing the filtering system and other preinstalled painting equipment. Contact our commercial department for more information.

    What safety equipment does the aeroTROTTER has preinstalled?
    • Camera and lcd monitor to check blind spots
    • Radar with acustic alarm to avoid collisions
    • Foam bumpers to avoid any damage to the vessel
    • Overload alarm (stops the platform)
    Is there any COM system installed to speak to a ground supervisor?

    No. This is not factory-equipped.



    Height 2.290 mm
    Width 2.994 mm
    Lenght 7.311 mm



    Mechanics Hybrid
    Max platform elevation 15,92 m
    Max elevation on working area 13,92 m
    Displacement speed 7,2 km/h
    Max displacement speed with deployed platform 1,09 km/h
    Airflow 5.600 – 6.800 m3/h
    Avg. air speed on filter 1,26 m2
    Avg. air speed on working area 0,3 – 0,6 m/s
    VOCs retencion capacity 80 – 97%