skyTROTTER Flexible Spray Booth

Sky Trotter

Lean & Flexible spray booth for the railway maintenance sector.


Painting or sanding small repairs for a train, bus or large machine without having to install and operate expensive and large industrial spray booths is now possible with the new sky TROTTER.

The sky TROTTER is the perfect solution for maintenance depots since it allows to perform small repairs with minimal operational costs.




The sky TROTTER is a mobile spray booth that works besides large vehicles. It can reach every spot of the vehicle with minimal effort and perform painting jobs within minutes.

Check out this video to understand how the sky TROTTER works:


Sky Trotter Video

Mobility and Lean technology at it's bests.


Why you should use a Sky Trotter

Time saving

No need to move the vehicle to the spray booth anymore... The mobile spray booth goes to the vehicle. Only one operator can fully solve the repair process.

Energy efficient

The power you use is only the power you need to perform the job. Repairing small parts of a large vehicle has never been cheaper.


Reach every spot of the vehicle with no effort. Move up to 30 meters to the sides and up to 4,5 meters in height. The sky TROTTER is fully operated from the control panel inside the booth.


Increase your incomings by spending less money in energy and logistics while reducing time cycles.

Main Features

  • Can perform small repairs on large vehicles without having to use a large spray booth
  • Reaches 4,5 meters in height when fully deployed and can move up to 30 meters away from the power socket
  • 3 Stages filtration system with carboard filters, Paint-Stop and Activated carbon
  • Fully operated from inside the boot with a user friendly control panel

Technical Features

Product Specification Sheet

12.5P Technical Features

Mobile spray booth for painting purposes