Multifunction and multistation spraybooth AGILE

The evolution of the refinishing process


Transparent lateral and frontal walls with INOX aesthetic details.

Improved Mobility

The booth can perform sequential operations by moving to both sides with a dedicated motor.

Multiple operations

The Agile booth enables the operator to perform sanding, painting and drying jobs.

Easy maintenance

Extraction filters are located inside the lateral towers, enabling an easy access and replacement.

Easy installation

No civil works needed. Quick mounting and assembly process.

Agile is the logical evolution to a standard spraybooth. The equipment has been developed based on market research and smart insights from customers looking for a simple, effective and profitable all-in-one product for premium collision repair centers.

The booth is capable to perform several jobs while occupying a minimum visual space in the workshop thanks to its transparent enclosure.

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    Best for:

    1. Workshops willing to offer the best aesthetic and technological image to their customers.
    2. High rotation workshops with sequentially parked cars
    3. Small workshops. The transparent courtains/glasses makes the workshop look bigger. Also, the occupied space can be used for other purposes while the booth is off.
    4. Workshops that cannot carry out civil works and need to start operating quickly.
    5. Workshops that need a single equipment to perform multiple operations (painting, drying, preparation …), either due to lack of space or tight budgets.

    How does it work?



    Exterior dimensions 7.730 x 4.840 x 4.390 mm
    Interior dimensions 7.560 x 4.440 x 2.764 mm
    Airflow 30.000 m3/h
    Air speed 0.22 m/s
    Power 20 CV / 7.2 kW (IE3)
    Burner (optional) Gas or gasoil – 200.000 kCal/h
    Lighting LED de 768W
    Intake prefilter surface 1.7 m2
    Impulsion filter surface 15.36 m2
    Extraction filter surface 5.6 m2