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Specialized individuals & companies in industrial equipment & machinery and plant fitting and assembling (montaje industrial) over Europe, Middle East & Magreb
We seek fitting and startup specialists to growth our team. We valuate capacities like work capacity and organization, aspects such as reliability, timeliness of performance, ability to interpret​ technical draws &​ blueprints​ and ​adaptability ​to local circumstances. Knowledge is required in mechanical assembly of sheet metal and tubular structures and​ in​ industrial electricity speciali​ties. Candidates must be familiar with European standards for ​control panels ​and ​is desirable to have a ​basic knowledge ​in​ automatic programming of ​processes (TIA portal Siemens & Schneider systems)​. It is very valuable to have basic knowledge of combustion systems (oil burners, air vein gas, …) to perform the commissioning of facilities. ​Our favorite ​area for ​residence ​is ​France​ or​ Eastern Europe.​ Contact us at the email [email protected]
Expert systems design in industrial sandblast, shot, peening, ... for surface treatment
We seek a partner (individual or company) with skills and experience in operating​ and design ​of ​shot​ treatment (blasting booths)​ with contacts in industry suppliers for line integration and optimization of systems for industrial blasting ​in ​Lagos (corundum​,​ sand peening, on aluminum and metalloids, …). ATEX knowledge and design skills or contacts to design filtration systems and classification of shot are ​highly valued. Contact us at the email [email protected]
Experts in powder coating systems
We are considering integrating cooperation to complete our line treatment for powder coatings including application systems, furnaces and treatment systems powder coat finish and adapting our manufacturing system. The company profile is a small organization or an expert with proven capabilities in the field of powder, preferably with international experience. Your knowledge should include application systems in themselves and handling systems and hanging piece​s for the application. ​​Contact us at the email [email protected]
Experts in medium and high temperature furnaces for surface treatment (ageing, thermal treatment, ...)
Our objective is to increase our capacity for thermal treatment mainly for metal parts (in rail, industrial and aeronautical markets). We look for an individual or a small engineering company with extensive knowledge on surface thermal treatment above 200ºC. Proven capacities in the market must be demonstrated and good contacts for supply chain of parts. Adaptation for our manufacturing process must be assesed during the work tasks. International experience will be evaluated as well as good fluent language skills (at least english). Design system will be integrated on SolidWorks design system. Contact us at the email [email protected]
Dealers in new markets
We seek distributors​ and sales representatives​ for new markets. If you ​(​or your company​)​ have a commercial infrastructure in a ​well defined ​geographical area with knowledge of industrial customers in target sectors​ for​ Lagos for surface treatment​ this can be your opportunity. You must demonstrate experience offer​ing​ a product that can be synergistic ​(same target) ​and ​you must not represent any competitor that conflicts with Lagos may be your opportunity to develop your business. ​Let us hear your proposal. Capacity in ​industrial ​area should be demonstrable ​with solid ​portfolio of clients and prospects ​already ​made​​. Initially Lagos gives no territorial exclusivity. Interesting conditions. Contact us at the email [email protected]