The Euro paint booth in Lagos is the answer to the needs of every modern paint shop concerned about the profitability of its operations.

The flexible configuration allows it to adapt to any type of environment/space, drastically reducing the surface occupied by the equipment.

The Euro 3.0 features optimized energy consumption thanks to direct burners and heat recovery systems (on demand). Optional mounting with or without civil work.

All components are carefully chosen to obtain a higher return on your investment. Only first quality brands are being used on Lagos Paint Booths (Siemens, Schneider, Saint Gobain, Philips, etc.)

Discover all the benefits that the Euro 3.0 booth can offer you:

cabina pintura
cabinas de pintura
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    Advantages of the Euro paint booth

    Discover the advantages that a Lagos Spray booth can offer you:
    Paint Booth Lagos Advantages

    Standard Measures

    Length Width Height Motor Airflow
    6,44m 4,08m 3,32m 5,5cv 20.000m3/h
    3,47m 5,5cv 20.000m3/h
    3,58m 5,5cv 20.000m3/h
    3,72m 5,5cv 20.000m3/h
    3,73m 5,5cv 20.000m3/h
    4,38 m 3,32m 7,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,47m 7,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,58m 7,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,72m 7,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,73m 7,5cv 22.000m3/h
    Length Width Height Motor Airflow
    7,34m 4,08m 3,32m 5,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,47m 5,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,58m 5,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,72m 5,5cv 22.000m3/h
    3,73m 5,5cv 22.000m3/h
    4,38 m 3,47m 10cv 24.000m3/h
    3,73m 10cv 24.000m3/h
    3,87m 10cv 24.000m3/h
    Lenght Width Height Motor Airflow
    8,24m 4,08m 3,47m 10cv 26.000m3/h
    3,73m 10cv 26.000m3/h
    3,87m 10v 26.000m3/h
    4,38 m 3,47m 10cv 30.000m3/h
    3,73m 10cv 30.000m3/h

    Technical Features

    Constructive Features

    MATERIALS Galvanized lacquered sheet with a treatment of five layers of polyester and plastified
    ISOLATION Glassfiber
    FRONTAL Two Doors for vehicles access: laminated and doubled glazed with air chamber and service door for workers with security system.
    2nd Service Door mounted on the side of the booth (800 mm wide).
    GENERATOR Two turbines, stainless steel boiler and automatic gas burner (1 flame – Dt = 20ºC). Options available
    AIRFLOW > 0,30 m/s (can be modified depending on the configuration)
    CONTROL PANEL Separated case

    TOTAL GRID, composed by galvanized grids of reinforced rectangular mesh with interior ramps (no civil work option). (E.T.)

    PARTIAL GRID, composed by a central pit of 2.15 meters wide (E.P). The rest of the grid will be part of the civil work.


    DOORS Great thickness and robustness to endure structural fatigue
    ISOLATION Non-leaking assembly with double glazing to prevent heat loss
    LIGHTING LED low consumption and high brightness. optionally available for bottom sides and corners
    CONTROL PANEL Analog or digital (optional). Simple interface with predetermined work programs.
    • Gas or Gas-oil burner
    • Direct Flame Burner (better efficiency).
    • Radiant Panels (electrical)
    • Modulating air path (optional)
    • Heat recovery systems (optional)
    • Heat insulation
    • Digital control panel with process supervision to avoid human oversights and minimize downtime (optional)
    CIVIL WORK Possibility of high ramp to avoid civil works or even a Ramp Pneumatic to maximize the internal space of the booth.

    Impulsion/Extraction Groups positioning

    Rear Groups

    Lateral Groups

    Impusion & extraction on one side

    Groups on top of the booth