Why should I buy a spray booth?

There are some decisions in life that you must definitely think through because of the investment they represent. Sometimes we are blinded just by the cost and […]

TEST DAY: UV Led dryer by Lagos

Last week we have been doing some intensive tests at the Cromax Training Center for our new UV Led Pro1 dryer. We had some pretty amazing results […]

New Product Category Rule for surface treatment equipments

It has been an intense work, but finally the new PCR (Product Category Rule) for surface treatment equipments is out. Equipos Lagos has contributed to develop […]

Painting plastic pieces: what should you know?

It has been a long time since the first painted plastic pieces for vehicles were introduced to us, still, most bodyshops are not aware of the particularities […]

¿La luz al final del túnel?

En la sección Posventa de Autopos este mes hemos leido un interesante artículo sobre las situación actual en España de los talleres mecánicos. Desafortunadamente la primera […]