We design and manufacture processes for the preparation and finishing in aeronautics and defense industry (clean-room, blasting, spray-drying booth …)

For more than 15 years we are present in the aeronautical sector, working together with the market key players and with reference installations in companies like Airbus, Embraer or Dassault Aviation. Always subject to high standards in the most competitive environments, we are able to offer an optimal solution at a competitive price.

Starting from the “specs” and other requirements defined by the customer, we design the most suitable solution based on our experience.

During the whole process our project engineers are constantly in contact with the client, testing and simulating each aspect to ensure a perfect design.

In Lagos, we implement automation systems to guarantee the traceability and a comprehensive thermal and moisture control of the process, in order to meet with the most demanding requirements, without compromising the process runtime. This makes possible to remotely control the process and to obtain useful information for continuous improvement on energy consumption, applied materials and – in general – all data necessary for the optimization of the production.

We ensure safe working conditions, thanks to an almost complete lack of overspray and the application of ATEX environments safety measures.  For each design in the prototyping phase we carry out mathematical simulations and experimental tests to validate the performance under stress conditions. We also aim for the lack of turbulences, the distribution of speed and temperature as well as the consumption and overspray of the application materials.

In Lagos we are aware of the costs arising from a machine breakdown, therefore our after-sales and maintenance service guarantees a near-zero downtime when something goes wrong.


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